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The Farmers Blog is all about Agriculture

This is an agricultural Blog, helping farmers large and small grow food more sustainably. From seed to software, to fiber and fuel, we’re developing tools to help growers protect natural resources while providing nourishment to the world. In the face of a changing climate and other environmental challenges, we’re helping ensure our agricultural system continues to suit the needs of everyone.

Programming is just the first step in our collaboration together. Read about our process


Collaborating with our clients is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of each project. Our clients are entrepreneurs, artists, agro collectors and other intriguing individuals who appreciate great agricultural culture and have a vision for how they want to live or produce food.


Our Experience

We are a collaborative studio of exceptional architects and designers with decades of diverse experience on award-winning residences around the country. Similar to our clients, we have an extraordinary array of professional and personal experiences that inform and shape our work. Lars has established businesses in Russia and taught architecture. After living in Antwerp and Rome, Gabriel designed restaurants and hotels in New York City. Kristine built her SIPS cabin by hand and is an award-winning photographer. Since our founding in 2009, we have completed hundreds of distinct residential projects and received a long list of industry awards.